Trent Pettry

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About the Author 

Author Trent Pettry is a best-selling writer living with his wife and children in Salt Lake City. Growing up, he split his time between consuming sci-fi and fantasy stories, escaping into epic RPG adventures with friends and family, and exploring the forest behind his childhood home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Trent draws many of his story ideas from his own dreams, brilliantly combining them with his adventures and memories from childhood to create the richly detailed worlds and relatable characters he’s known for. A graduate of the University of North Carolina, he currently works as a professional in the IT field. When he’s not busy at work or plotting out his next novel, he can be found spending time with his family or working on his many other creative endeavors.



A Novella

Deep in the marshlands of Florida, three teenagers stumble upon a terrifying discovery just a bike ride away from their homes.

Hanging out with Freddy was always exciting for Val and her younger brother Shane. As the resident troublemaker of their trailer park, Freddy oozed bad ideas that seemed great at the time. His distractions were just what the siblings needed after the sudden disappearance of their father six months ago.

On their way home from an afternoon spent roasting fire ant mounds in the marsh, the trio unearth a grotesque creature slinking along the wetlands. Their curiosity outweighs their fear as Freddy decides to take the creature home, where they are horrified to learn it has an appetite for warm-blooded animals.

Suspecting a link between the mysterious creature and a lone, strangely smelling RV in their trailer park, Val and her friends venture out to investigate. What they find sends them running for their lives.

But when Val and Shane’s deadbeat uncle brings trouble to their doorstep, they wonder if their grisly discovery could be used to their advantage.

What did the trio find hiding in the trailer at the edge of the swamp?

How could it help Val and her family when their lives are in danger?


Harvest Deep (Book 1)  

#1 Amazon Bestseller

A group of friends stumble upon what should have been an abandoned mine…

When dozens of miners went missing in the Mammoth mine in the 1970s, Lonnie Buttars knew why but kept it a secret.

More than 40 years since she escaped the area as a child, Liz Chilton and her friends return to the former gold rush settlement in the west desert of Utah to reconnect with her dead mother’s past.

They find her birthplace is now a ghost town. The cavernous old mine, dormant… or so it seems.

After their drone is shot out of the sky, a series of terrifying events soon have them fighting for their lives.

Confronted by the family she never knew and the mine’s horrifying purpose, can Liz save herself and her friends from their captors and what lurks in the caverns below?


Harvest Deep: The Descent (Book 2)

Deep in the Earth, there is nowhere to run…

After the events in Mammoth, a team sent to explore the lower mine mysteriously disappears. Army Rangers are called in to descend into the depths and find them.

A larger threat now stirs with an insatiable hunger and begins to spread rapidly—leaving scores dead or missing…  

But the military seeks to contain, not to kill.

Armed with her dying father’s secrets, Liz, Cody, Scott and their team of rogue civilians seek another way down through an abandoned mine—and are possibly the only hope Salt Lake City has against the scourge.

Harvest Deep: The Descent resumes the epic journey of a group of friends through survival, revenge, redemption, and betrayal.

An intense, fast-paced, and adrenaline-pumping adventure of subterranean horror that will grip you by the throat and not let go.


Harvest Deep: The Brood (Book 3)

A perfect, genetically engineered weapon.

In the heart of Europe, the Heininger Corporation stands at the threshold of eradicating many of the world's worst incurable diseases through genetic engineering, but require Zack Griffin's unique knowledge to finish their work.

Zack convinces Scott and Jake to accompany him to Brussels where they meet the mysterious Dr. Damien Heininger and his team of scientists. They soon discover not all is, as it seems.

After the German Chancellor's assassination and the disappearance of his friends, Cody enlists the help of James, Wildcat and their elite HOPLON team to infiltrate and eliminate the threat before its too late.