Trent Pettry

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Harvest Deep (Book 1)

#1 Amazon Bestseller

Something in the Earth has evolved…

Hidden in the West Desert of Utah, the former gold rush settlement of Mammoth is now a ghost town.

For Liz Chilton, a photojournalist on assignment, it’s where her deceased mother was raised but barely escaped with her life 40 years ago.

Seeking to reconnect with her mother’s past, Liz, her husband and another couple take a road trip to the desolate area, where they learn that over the decades, scores of people have gone missing.

The odyssey takes a horrifying turn when they encounter something inhuman consuming a man and his dog—devolving into a terrifying fight for survival.

Inspired by true events, HARVEST DEEP is a stunning debut by Trent Pettry that will take every bit of your self-control to keep you from skipping to the end.

Harvest Deep: The Descent (Book 2)

Deep in the Earth, there is nowhere to run…

After the events in Mammoth, a team sent to explore the lower mine mysteriously disappears. Army Rangers are called in to descend into the depths and find them.

A larger threat now stirs with an insatiable hunger and begins to spread rapidly—leaving scores dead or missing…

But the military seeks to contain, not to kill.

Armed with her dying father’s secrets, Liz, Cody, Scott and their team of rogue civilians seek another way down through an abandoned mine—and are possibly the only hope Salt Lake City has against the scourge.

Harvest Deep: The Descent resumes the epic journey of a group of friends through survival, revenge, redemption, and betrayal.

An intense, fast-paced, and adrenaline-pumping adventure of subterranean horror that will grip you by the throat and not let go.

Harvest Deep: The Brood (Book 3)

A perfect, genetically engineered weapon.

In the heart of Europe, the Heininger Corporation stands at the threshold of eradicating many of the world's worst incurable diseases through genetic engineering, but require Zack Griffin's unique knowledge to finish their work.

Zack convinces Scott and Jake to accompany him to Brussels where they meet the mysterious Dr. Damien Heininger and his team of scientists. They soon discover not all is, as it seems.

After the German Chancellor's assassination and the disappearance of his friends, Cody enlists the help of James, Wildcat and their elite HOPLON team to infiltrate and eliminate the threat before its too late.

About the Author

Trent Pettry is a Best Selling author and a graduate of the University of North Carolina. When he’s not writing, he shares his time between his family, his day job as an Information Technology professional, and other creative endeavors. Prior to college, Trent served in the US Navy on a nuclear fast-attack submarine.

Trent lives with his wife and children in the Salt Lake City area.